Planning & Building


Not all schemes require planning permission but it is recommended that an approach is made to the local authority and written confirmation obtained before moving on to the Building Regulation requirements.

We will be able to advise you whether a scheme requires planning permission and request with the local authority's co-operation, an e-mail from the planning authority to confirm. This is to avoid possible doubt and complications if you were to sell your property at a later date. Alternatively an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development will avoid any doubt, but a fee is chargeable by the authority in this case.

Where planning permission is necessary, the local authority requires accurate drawings of not only the planned scheme, all elevations and floor plans, but the existing elevations and floor plans too. An Ordnance Survey scaled map of the area and street view must also be purchased and supplied. All local authorities make a charge when an application is made which is non returnable. It is therefore recommended that expert advice coupled with a professionally produced scheme is submitted to prevent the disappointment of refusal.

Once approval is granted construction must be commenced within 3 years of that date.

Building Regulations

It's not often realised that the majority of alterations to a property will require building regulation approval and we would be happy to advise further.

Ideally, professionally prepared detailed plans and specifications will enable your builder and Building Control to ascertain the full extent of works proposed which will avoid possible confusion and expense later.

At all times Health and Safety is paramount both during construction and in the finished scheme. Building Control will want to know and will check when visiting that the approved drawings and specification of build is being adhered to.

Please read the important information through my links on Health and Safety and the The Party Wall Act.

Two fees are payable to Building Control, one with the application and one when construction has commenced to cover all the inspections to be made during the works progress to completion.

We will advise you of these fees with our quotation.

Planning & Building Information

Not all schemes require planning permission but it is recommended that an approach is made to the local authority whilst new building work must be completed to building regulations statutory standards.

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